Jennifer: Having a Good Time

Ok, she's going to make a statement.  And that means even at a photography workshop where she is standing around most of the time waiting for her set to be created.  And when it's done,  she is ready to introduce her uninhibited self.  I saw her standing there in that soft, teasing sweater-top with her black heels all going to waste.  So I asked if she could kick them up.  After she made sure she heard me right, she went right to town, right up to a sparkling smile.

This is post #2 from the Joel Grimes Workshop in Phoenix.  As I said earlier, I had not come to composite, but my compositing mania wouldn't leave me alone so I decided to do one for each of the models.  Jennifer turned out to be the vixen welcoming everyone to the Neptune pool, familiar to those who know it as the neo-classic outdoor pool of the Hearst Castle.

Let's all go for a swim.