Vincent: Herculean Strength

Vincent is a personality adventurer, complete with props for self casting.  They could be chains, goggles or any number of image altering objects.  Ok, they definitely include at least one great watch.

This is post #3 from the Joel Grimes Workshop in Phoenix.  My composite for Vincent came from an unlikely place, a tiny ghost town just outside Death Valley in a forlorn place called Rhyolite.  Rhyolite was a gold rush town of the early 1900s that rose to a population of 4 or 5 thousand.  But Rhyolite declined almost as rapidly as it rose.  After the richest ore was exhausted, production fell, and in 1916 the light and power were finally turned off in the town.  The power that was Rhyolite is preserved though, in the magnificent remaining concrete, neo-classic remains of the Cook Bank Building.  So I have combined those strong, powerful remains with Vincent's strength to create a modern Helenic tableaux.